Email Database in Singapore-Malaysia

Are you starting a new business? Are you trying to promote your old business in new countries? All you need is the adequate database of email addresses or phone numbers. Bulk Database Solution is the only answer. We can provide you all the databases of your choice at an affordable price. From different countries to different sections of the society, we provide database of all kind. We ensure you all the latest data worldwide in the most filtered format at

Specific region

We offer our service according to specific regions and countries like Singapore and Malaysia in South- East Asia are a good market for several business industries. Travel and food industry is building their own market in the area. The businesses related to such industries will surely want to expand their services for more revenues. In such situation, Bulk Database Solution can be the one to help you. We can provide you all the Email Database of Singapore in just few minutes. Then you know how to drive such data towards your benefit.

Categories of Database

We are the fastest growing database providers in the World. We provide database consisting important contact details of probable consumers in bulk. But the database is available in some filtered categories-

  • Worldwide Database is dedicated mainly to the several Multinational companies who offer services in different countries worldwide. We offer you the latest database of email ids and phone numbers.

  • Then we have most popular country database. This offers you database of countries you choose while confirming the deal with us. The specification of your need is served with adequate and accurate databases. For example, Email Database in Malaysia.

  • We offer city wise database too. As a business company, you may need to expand your service to some definite cities worldwide which are the best market for your product. Don’t be worried. We can provide you the exact database of the cities you need.

  • We filter the database into specific databases like email marketing or SMS marketing to serve your purpose of reaching the target consumers at the right time.

How to shop?

We offer a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience in our website. You just need to create an account. If you have one then just log in our website Then-

  1. If you are willing to buy numerous databases, choose them from the huge database we offer.

  2. Then you can add them to the cart. We will take care of your choices once added in the cart, until purchased.

  3. Next you have to check for more databases. If your need is of customized database, then you have to submit the criteria. We will then provide you the database at an exclusive rate within stipulated time.

  4. For earlier databases, you can check out from the cart. We allow you to pay the amount by credit card or debit cards.

  5. Once the payment procedure is confirmed your order is successful.

  6. In no time, you will receive the data you have purchased.

  7. We will provide you authenticated database with 100% feedback ratio.

We are into this business for long now. We save your time with providing the ready-made data. the process of collecting these email ids and phone numbers are not easy. It takes a lot of time. We take that responsibility and make your work easier. You cannot get anything better than the exact data you are looking for, immediately at a minimum price. In this competitive market scenario, having a separate database of target and probable consumer is an upper hand in the job and we provide you that information. So, whenever you need the exact database, remember us and we will be present with the database you need.

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